1. 93-Year-Old Summits Yosemite’s Half Dome

At 93, Everett Kalin’s birthday wish was far from ordinary: conquering Yosemite’s Half Dome, a grueling 14-16 hour trek. With son Jon, 57, and granddaughter Sidney, 19, they embarked on this daring journey. Challenges tested their resolve, but as they reached the summit, tears flowed, and bystanders marveled. What’s next for this indomitable nonagenarian?

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2. Kansas Farmer Plants 1.2 Million Sunflowers for His Wife–A ‘Perfect’ 50th Anniversary Gift

It’s the Kansas state flower and his wife‘s favorite—which made it the perfect gift from her husband on their 50th anniversary.

KAKE-TV News talked to farmer Lee Wilson who sacrificed 80 acres of crops to give his ‘gal’ a gift she’ll never forget.

He said it added up to about 1.2 million sunflowers in total, which he kept a secret for three months after planting them in May, until their big day in August.

3. LEGO Finally Sells Braille Bricks – For Learning a New Skill While Playing With Fully Compatible Pieces

Finally, after four years of testing and developing, LEGO is selling braille bricks that use the bumps on their iconic bricks to teach the Braille alphabet—and these aren’t only for blind people.

Alongside the Braille bumps on each brick is printed the letters and numbers so that everyone can play while learning a new language, including the sighted. The new ‘Play with Braille’ set makes learning braille more fun and accessible to everyone.


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