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Official Bio

Kelly Buckley is an author and speaker who, through the power of words, has connected with thousands of people worldwide. Kelly Buckley’s story is a brave and courageous one…her journey from the depths of grief by clinging to gratitude, and her ultimate arrival at a place of strength, is truly inspirational.  With gratitude as her anchor and Stephen’s philosophy of “one lifetime” as her guide, Kelly published two books; ‘Gratitude in Grief’ and ‘Just One Little Thing’. From there she launched an online community called Just One Little Thing which has a loyal following worldwide. Through her books and online community, Kelly has had personal interactions with tens of thousands of people, primarily women, who have shared their own struggles and challenging journeys. The profound revelation of the incredible strength of these women was the impetus for the creation of Strong Wise Women, a private membership community providing a positive space for women to share, encourage and grow… ultimately building stronger, more grateful lives of purpose. Kelly’s books have been used by grief counsellors as a tool to help others, her writings are featured on such respected sites as Maria Shriver and the Huffington Post, and her online communities have fostered open conversations about the power of gratitude and supporting one-another with love and positivity.

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