What is The Path?

Introducing The Path: A Journal from Pain to Purpose, the latest masterpiece by author Kelly S. Buckley. Building upon her acclaimed books on grief and gratitude, Just One Little Thing and Gratitude in Grief, Buckley presents a transformative journal that will guide you through the depths of loss and lead you towards healing and purpose.

What’s Inside?

Within the pages of The Path, you’ll discover an array of impactful writing prompts meticulously crafted to address the various facets of grief. From unspoken words to recurring memories, traditions, and special days, this journal delves into the intricate tapestry of emotions surrounding loss. As Buckley poignantly writes, “Grief can surge back like a rogue wave, even when the person looks just fine on the outside.” The Path offers solace and direction, empowering you to explore and express the profound depths of your pain.

While this journal cannot erase the ache of your loss, it serves as a powerful tool to:


  1. Express your grief through words, sketches, and doodles, allowing your emotions to flow freely onto the page.
  2. Navigate the maze of conflicting emotions that accompany loss, fostering a deeper understanding and acceptance.
  3. Provide yourself with compassion, love, and comfort during the darkest days of your journey.
  4. Discover gratitude in the smallest of things, illuminating the path to healing and hope.
  5. Reflect upon your experiences and emotions as you navigate the sea of grief, fostering personal growth and resilience.
  6. Transform your internal conversations with empowering affirmations, unlocking new possibilities and nurturing a sense of hope.

Your grief story is one that deserves to be acknowledged and written. No matter the circumstances, within the pages of The Path lies the potential to find purpose amidst your grief. This extraordinary journal will assist you in creating a unique roadmap through the complexities of loss, guiding you towards tiny blessings and fleeting sparks of light along the way. It is within these moments that you will discover the profound power of gratitude and embark on a transformative journey of healing.

Don’t let your grief remain unspoken—unlock the potential of your pain with The Path: A Journal from Pain to Purpose. Order your copy today and take the first step towards embracing your grief and reclaiming your life.