1. Dad’s Love Letter to a Small Town Public Library


A Massachusetts man wrote a love letter that was published in his local newspaper, the Salem Evening News, in late August—but it wasn’t your normal love letter. As a stay-at-home Dad to two young children, Sean Devlin soon learned that the historical downtown library (which opened in 1913) had a fantastic children’s program.


2.The 30 Best Things to Come Out of Canada Include Insulin, Peanut Butter–and Ryan Reynolds

A poll of 2,000 adults found many are unaware of the innovations and famous faces that have emanated from America’s northern neighbor.The pacemaker, alkaline batteries, and the more obvious maple syrup are among the top inventions from Canada, along with the walkie-talkie and again unsurprisingly, the snowmobile and the snowblower.


3. 24 Prison Inmates Get College Degrees, Graduate Together Thanks to UC Program

In California, prison inmates are preparing to make their second chance count by studying towards a college degree while incarcerated.Yesterday, 24 inmates in caps and gowns at the Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility in San Diego graduated with associates degrees in sociology and liberal arts before a ceremony honoring their commitments.The degrees were provided and issued by Southwestern College via the Restorative Justice Program of California state, which allows prisoners to study face-to-face with teachers while incarcerated.

So far the program has helped over 1,500 people better their chances for a successful societal re-entry by increasing their employability, skill sets, and knowledge.


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