1. Students Build World’s First Off-Road Solar-Powered SUV–and Drive it Across Morocco

Students in The Netherlands have designed a solar-powered SUV that doubles as a small camper van to produce the ultimate concept car for off-grid adventure in sunny climes.

Driving it 620 miles (1,000 kilometers) across Morocco, the Stella Terra as it’s called showed a wide variety of advantages over existing electric SUVs.

“Morocco has a huge variety of landscapes and different surfaces in quite a short distance,” says Thieme Bosman, events manager for the TUE team. He told CNN the car was tested “on every type of surface that a car like this could encounter.”


2. Minnesota Cat Sanctuary Unveils New Outdoor Playground for Feral Rescues

Not all heroes wear capes, some like Raquel Radford Baker, drive school buses.

Baker, a veteran driver for Dallas Independent School District, was on a routine route for the kids at Seagoville North Elementary School when one of them, a boy just 7 years old began to choke.

First-grader Preston motioned to Baker that he needed help. Surveillance camera footage showed that he had swallowed something just a moment before. Thinking he needed to throw up, Baker opened the bus door and told him to go let hurl, but Preston gesticulated that wasn’t the problem.

Baker saw the correction that was needed, took Preston off the bus, and performed the Heimlich Maneuver in time.


3. Chicago Marathon Runner Rescues Stray Kitten During the Race–Bystander Gives it a Home

A Chicago Marathon runner gave up a record finish in order to save a stray kitten she found on the course. The story got sweeter when amid the spectators on the side of the road, she found Andrea Maldonado who called out that she would give the kitten a new home.


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