1. 3 Friends All Over 100 Reveal Secrets to Long Life, ‘Happiness, Staying Active and Keep a Boy Toy Nearby’

daisy, 103, Irene, 101, and Phyllis, 103, say they still laugh and “enjoy life to the fullest” every day.Each woman has lived through their own fair share of triumph and torture, including World Wars and loves lost

The three pals who all live in the same senior care home have now shared their advice on how to live for a century, including staying active and happy, treasuring family, fresh air, and nature.


2. Selfless Quad Amputee Summits a Peak to Raise Money for Other Disabled Kids

A ten-year-old quadruple amputee is going to attempt to summit a 656-foot mountain to raise money for other children with disabilities.

The climber, Luke Mortimer, is “determined” to summit Embsay Crag, in North Yorkshire. The kind-hearted youngster has dubbed the peak his ‘Everest,’ and is undertaking the challenge as an attempt to “return the favor” to charities which have helped him.

Mortimer was just seven years old when he contracted the severe bacterial infections meningococcal meningitis and septicemia. Although he survived the deadly illness, he lost all his limbs and needed 23 painful surgeries over a ten-week period to replace missing skin and address his wounds.


3. National Park Bounces Back From California’s Biggest Single Fire

The Dixie Fire of 2021 was the largest single blaze in California’s history, but even this human-accelerated firestorm couldn’t tamp down the resilience of nature.

In August, it devastated Lassen Volcano National Park in Northern California, leaving parts of it reminiscent of “Mordor” yet in a feature piece from The Guardian, it’s clear nature is just a few steps behind restoring what was torched.

As the Dixie Fire came closer and closer to this remote National Park that receives only around 500,000 visitors a year, rangers, Forest Service employees, and firefighters strategized how to protect small communities living near the park as well as the park’s infrastructure.

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