1. Police Give Motorists a Thanksgiving Surprise–Handing Out Free Turkeys Instead of Tickets


Motorists in South Carolina who were pulled over for violations got a Thanksgiving surprise, as officers handed them a free turkey instead of tickets or fines. Every turkey day for the past five years the Summerville Police Department has spread seasonal cheer with the program. A video captures drivers being pulled over and bursting into laughter and relief when handed a turkey instead.


2. College Project Sparks Student to Start Orphanages for Homeless Kids in Philippines

Inspired by two mission trips to the Phillippines, Joanna Maniti was standing in front of her Univ. of Southern California class explaining her idea for a hypothetical non-profit to help homeless children and orphans she had met when she had a ‘lightbulb moment’.

Rather than hypothesize about a non-profit that would help the archipelago’s orphans, she decided to go ahead and start one herself, and so was born Cherish Hearts International.

“I had this reflection of, ‘Why haven’t I actually started this during my time at USC?’” Maniti told the Daily Trojan. “Right after the class, I just sent out a bunch of emails to old contacts of mine in the Philippines, and the first person who responded ended up being our first partnership within Cherish.”


3. After Teen Dies, Friends Visit His Grandma for Breakfast Every Wednesday

It’s Wednesday morning in St. Louis. Outside Peggy Winckowski’s house, it’s not just the Sun or the song of the birds that arrive at her front door, but a horde of hungry teenagers.

They’re all students from Bishop DuBourg High School, ready to enjoy a hug with ‘grandma’ and a plate of hot food as part of what they together term the Wednesday Breakfast Club.

But it hasn’t always been bacon, banter, and bright eyes; the Breakfast Club took on a new meaning when ‘Grandma Peggy’ lost her grandson Sam Crowe, a Bishop Dubourg sophomore, to a hit and run last year.

It was the young mister Crowe who first started the Breakfast Club, which used to meet at a nearby diner. One day he announced “my grandma can cook better than this,” and so it was that the mediocre diner was abandoned in favor of Grandma Peggy’s.


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