1. 3 Teens Grab Sobbing Woman At Drive-Thru To Pray But Have No Clue They’re Being Filmed

Every morning, Barbara grabs a coffee from the drive-thru window at Dutch Bros. in Vancouver, Washington. But while Barbara sat in her car and waited in line like usual, something in front of her caught her eye.

Barbara noticed the employees pile on top of one another, lean out of the window and reach toward the woman in the driver’s seat ahead. The young men tightly grabbed onto the woman’s hand at once. Barbara snapped a photo.

Once the car in front of her drove off, Barbara learned why the woman had been holding hands with these three complete and total strangers. I guarantee the reason will move you to the very core.

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2. Memories Came Flooding Back When Dementia Patient Gets to Relive his Career in a 1960s Ambulance and Uniform

A 98-year-old dementia patient and veteran of World War II got to relive his career by riding in a retro ambulance and donning the old uniform—which opened the floodgates of precious memories.

Albert Gibbs, who worked on ambulances in London for a quarter-century, was visited by two paramedics in a 1960s ambulance, wearing familiar gray uniforms—just like the ones he used.

They were dispatched to a care home in Essex where Gibbs lives, so the great-grandfather could relive his days as a medic.

3. U.S. Is Giving Away Lighthouses for Free to Preserve Them As Historic Landmarks

A unique opportunity for a fixer-upper is coming by way of the US General Services Administration (GSA)—6 historic American lighthouses.

Going up this year via public auction, the federal government has a unique way of ensuring lighthouses retain their historic status which can even involve auctioning them off to private citizens with an affection for the now-obsolete structures.

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