1. Platypuses Return to Sydney’s Royal National Park After Disappearing for Decades

The iconically-strange platypus of Australia is coming home to a national park near Sydney 50 years after their mysterious disappearance. Whether from a chemical tanker spill on the nearby Princes Highway or over-predation from foxes or cats, conservationists aren’t quite sure when and why the strange egg-laying aquatic mammal vanished from Royal National Park’s rivers, but they’re back now.


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2. Woman Overcomes Homelessness And Then Wins $5 Million Lottery

A California woman who recently overcame homelessness is now a millionaire after winning the $5 million prize in a lottery scratch-off game. Lucia Forseth had no housing in 2017, but she battled back to overcome the challenges within a few years. But this month Ms. Forseth can put any doubt behind her, becoming a multimillionaire thanks to a lucky Scratchers ticket.

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3. Top 30 Ways Adults Pay Homage to Lost Loved Ones and Keep Their Memory Alive

A new poll has unveiled the top 30 modern ways we remember lost loved ones.

The list was compiled from a poll of 2,000 adults and shows that wearing a football shirt from their favorite team, running marathons, and retelling their jokes are three of the best ways.

Ticking off items from bucket lists never fulfilled was also among the ways people celebrate the legacy and memories of family and friends who are no longer with them.


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