1. Why Americans Are Craving Outdoor Time More Than Ever

On average, people need to spend 67 minutes outside every day in order to feel refreshed, according to a new poll conducted for Mental Health Awareness Month in May.

The survey of 2,000 adults in the U.S. revealed that over half of Americans (57%) say they are craving time spent outdoors more today than ever before.

Results found 68% of those who spent time outside saying it relaxes them, puts them in a better mood, and helps them clear their heads.

Likewise, spending too much time indoors has led to feelings of depression for 38%, anxiousness for 33%, and loneliness for 32% of those polled, according to the research.

Six in 10 said they get stir-crazy after spending too much time inside—with negative emotions resulting from outdoor plans getting derailed by cancellations or bad weather.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, 16% of respondents have experienced a shift in their travel preferences, favoring places in nature, according to the poll conducted by Talker Research on behalf of RVshare.


2. Dogs Placed in Elementary Schools Making a Big Difference in Academics and Mental Health for Michigan Students




3. Texas Food Bank Builds Housing for the People Who Need Their Food–Right Next Door

A food bank in a fast-growing Texas community is building affordable housing next to its bank, to ensure people who have to juggle food and rent are able to with minimal effort.

The 51-unit apartment complex hasn’t gone up yet, but planning has begun for facilities that would temporarily house people struggling to afford the cost of living while undertaking job training or studies.

30 minutes outside San Antonio lies one of the fastest-growing towns in the US: New Braunfels.

Here, homelessness is growing due to an exploding population. The New Braunfels branch of the San Antonio food bank wondered if they could do more than just cover the cost of food.

“What we know about a food insecure household is that rent eats first in every household budget,” says Eric Cooper, president and CEO of the San Antonio Food Bank.


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