1. A duo of 81-year-old women are on the adventure of a lifetime: Seeing the world in 80 days

Two longtime friends are proving it’s never too late to get out and see the world. Eighty-one year olds Sandy Hazelip and Ellie Hamby, inspired by Jules Verne’s novel, “Around the World in 80 Days,” are on a mission to see all seven continents, nine Wonders of the World and visit 18 countries in just over two and a half months. 

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2. Cemetery Posts Personal Ad for Lonely Goose Whose Mate Died–and they Find a Match

Two grieving geese in Iowa have found solace in each other after meeting through a personal ad shortly after Valentine’s Day. Geese usually mate for life, so when Blossom and Frankie lost their respective partners, they both appeared to become lonely and despondent.

But that all changed when Frankie’s owners answered a Facebook personal ad written by Blossom’s caretaker that read: “Lonely, widowed domestic goose seeks life partner for companionship and occasional shenanigans.”

“They have been inseparable ever since,” Dorie Tammen, who wrote the ad, told As It Happenshost Nil Köksal. “I don’t think they’ve been more than a few feet away from each other.”


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3. Volunteer Knitters Are Finishing Craft Projects for Loved Ones Who’ve Passed


Loose Ends is a niche yet important outlet for those whose mothers and grandmothers left behind unfinished knitting or crochet work. Their volunteer knitters finish projects left behind by those who have passed away. 

While it seems too specific to be of much use, Loose Ends has already connected 5,000 volunteers or “finishers” with families who have lost a knitting member, and they’ve been able to complete 20 projects, with another 200 in the works.


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