1. Over Half of Americans Say Their Parent is Their Best Friend


Over half of Americans say their parent is their best friend, according to a new survey.

The poll of 2,000 Americans over the age of 40 revealed that 58% feel closer to their aging parents, now more than ever before.

Conducted by Talker Research on behalf of Comfort Keepers for the National Day of Joy on June 26, the survey asked respondents about experiences with parents ‘in their golden years’.

33% said they were going out shopping with mom or dad, 26% were trying new restaurants, and 16% are traveling to places they’ve never been before.

Half of those polled said such bonding moments made them more grateful for their time together, and 50% said it improved their loved one’s mood, as an added result.

Notably, 64% of respondents reported their parents were keeping a positive attitude about aging.

The activities they did together had the added benefit of inspiring some parents to stay more active (35%) and made them more open to trying new things (30%).


2. College Lab Makes 3D Printed Arms to Help 12-Year-old Amputee Reach Her Drumming Goals


12-year-old Aubrey Sauvie never let her lack of hands interfere with the pursuit of her interests, whether that was Tae Kwon Do, art, or doing her own makeup.

Born a triple congenital amputee and missing both arms from below the elbows and several toes on one of her feet, it was from a very early age that she demonstrated to her family that there’d be very little necessity to accommodate her.

“It’s just one part of me,” Aubrey Sauvie told WKRN. “It doesn’t make me, me. It definitely was a challenge to learn, but as time went on, it became easier and easier until it wasn’t difficult at all.”

But that’s where even her dexterity and determination couldn’t succeed in producing the results she wanted—the sound of the snare just wasn’t right.


Aubrey’s middle school band teacher recommended her as a candidate for the Tennessee Tech University program, Engineering for Kids, where 10 students decided to make it a class project to create a pair of custom prosthetics so the firebrand could play the drums.



3. Lost Donkey Seen Living With Elk Herd 5 Years Later: ‘Living His Best Life’


A hunter in Northern California stumbled upon a queer sight while out in the Cache Creek Wilderness—a donkey that had seemingly been adopted by a herd of elk.

The video he posted on his Instagram channel marks the first update on the status of Diesel, a local donkey separated from its owners back in 2019.

When out hiking with Dave Drewry, a local of Clear Lake, something spooked Diesel sending him running off into the woods. Drewry and his wife Terrie looked all over the nearby territory on foot, in their car, and even with drones, but could not locate their beloved donkey.

Over the years, the family was always saddened at the mention of their lost family member, believing that he didn’t have the minerals to survive in the wild.

Now five years later, triathlon and hunter Max Fennell posted a video on Instagram of a healthy adult donkey right in the middle of a herd of cow elk.


“I bumped into a herd of elk that have adopted a donkey. I can’t get over seeing it and I’m amazed that the donkey looks happy and healthy!” he wrote alongside the video.

The discovery made its way through the airwaves to Terrie and Dave, who said it was “amazing” to see him.

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