1. Mom Throws a FUN-eral for Late Husband with Bouncy Castle and Goodie Bags–Making Positive Memories for Their Kids

An Arizona woman held a ‘FUN-eral’ to celebrate her late husband’s life, complete with a bouncy castle, his favorite food, and ‘party bags’ for guests to take home, among the many good vibes.

Katie Young suddenly lost her husband, Brandon, after he suffered a stroke at the age of 39 and passed away a few weeks later on May 17.

The couple had three children together and Katie didn’t want them to have “horrible memories” of their dad’s send-off.

“I was thinking about my children and how the day would be, and it felt so wrong. All we were going to do was have these horrible memories. It didn’t feel true to Brandon.”

Instead of holding a traditional service and wake, the 40-year-old widow set out to make it a FUN-eral – ensuring the day would be a celebration of Brandon’s life—for her kids (aged 8-12) and the hundreds of guests.

She featured his favorite foods—chips and dips—and displayed his artwork and vast record collection so everyone could take home a goodie bag of items that would keep his memory alive. Crafting tables were even set up for people to make their own art.

2. All 4 Daughters Named Valedictorian of Their High School–Outsmarting the Odds of 1 in 11 Billion

In Titusville, Florida, the unbelievable occurred as each of a married couple’s four daughters was named valedictorian of the same high school.

Someone with probability calculations told Fox News Digital that the chance of this happening is 1 in 11 billion.

Celebrations were heightened at the Rendina Household and the sense of relief was palpable in the air when 18-year-old Ryleigh Rendina was named valedictorian at Astronaut High School.

Ryleigh followed her older sisters Taylor, 20; Alisa, 22; and Makaley, 24 in being named valedictorian, something which their mother Tracey said was never pushed on any of them, or even suggested as a target.

“We never told them they had to make As. There was no ‘You have to do this or else.’ It was always, ‘You just do your best,’” Rendina told Fox.

Tracey, the math department chair at Astronaut High, and her husband Mike said they always encouraged them to do their best and nothing more, but after their eldest Makaley was named valedictorian, and then two years later Alisa was too, and then two years later Taylor was also accorded the honor, there was an inescapable anxiety about Ryleigh.



3. Drive-Thru Food Pantry Serves Thousands in a California Food Desert with Nutritious Groceries

In India, those of all faiths occasionally visit the places of worship of the Sikhs to get a delicious taste of ‘Seva,’ the Sikh principle of selfless service when they give out free dinners to anyone who visits.

In California, Sikh organizers are capturing that culture and using it to help residents of Santa Ana—a large food desert where residents struggle to have routine access to nutritious food.

At one of the longest drive-thrus you’ll ever see, volunteers, some with turbans and some without, load up the trunks of cars with 2-weeks worth of produce and groceries—no questions asked.

The organizers, called the Seva Collective, have already handed out 4 million such parcels, but they’re continuing to grow all the time—partnering with farms, businesses, and food banks to distribute as much as possible to those who need it.

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