1. Watch the Moment a Dad From Public Housing Wins Stunning Home Worth 2.5 Million in Charity Drawing

A dad who grew up in public housing has won a stunning home worth 2.5 million in a prize drawing that raised over three million for charity.

Chris Milnes scooped up the magnificent 5,000-sq-ft home after entering the latest Omaze charity drawing without telling his wife and kids.

The thrilled 60-year-old who lives with his wife Jules in West Yorkshire, England, also received a cash prize of £100,000 tax free.

“I spent much of my childhood living in a council flat in Leeds. Things like this don’t happen to people like me.”

Chris now plans to sell the luxury home in Dorset, so he can give his children “the start in life I never had”.

2. Canada’s First Grocery Store Where Food is FREE Opens in Saskatchewan

In Saskatchewan, Canada’s first free grocery store is set to open as a flourishing food bank continues to look for ways to support the community.

Located at 1881 Broad St. in Regina, the Food Hub will be stocked like any old grocery store, and unlike similar projects that operate out of churches or community centers, it will feature a produce section, floor-to-ceiling display fridges, and be open all week.

The Regina Food Bank believes that allowing people who rely on the food bank for food security to fill out a cart just like a normal grocery store gives back agency, and may actually help feed more people by reducing waste.

“None of us fit in a box, but that’s what we give our clients today,” Regina Food Bank vice-president David Froh told CBC News. “When you give choices, you give not just dignity, but actually, we figure we can feed about 25% more people.”

One client explained that getting handed a crate of canned/boxed goods put together in a hurry based on what was in stock rarely provides a selection that accounts for things like dietary restrictions, allergies, proper nutrition, or even just synergistic flavors between the foods.



3. Entire School Surprised with 500 Tickets to a Red Sox Game–Thanks to Food Pantry’s Continuing Generosity

Over the last five years, the Stop & Shop Food Pantry has provided $100,000 in healthy food donations to make sure students don’t come to school hungry.

They’ve hit a home run against hunger—and the Boston Red Sox have stepped up to the plate to celebrate the victory.

The baseball team’s first baseman Triston Casas showed up at a ceremony to honor the 5-year anniversary of Stop & Shop opening a food pantry inside the Washington S.T.E.M. Elementary School in Lynn, Massachusetts.

He surprised the kids and the entire staff with 500 tickets to a Red Sox game at Fenway Park—as a school-wide field trip.

“We wanted to invite all of you guys to a game this year!” said Casas to the cheering crowd.

Casas took photos with the kids alongside the team’s World Series Trophy and the team’s mascot, Wally The Green Monster.

The in-school pantry first opened in 2019 as one of the original five schools enrolled in the Stop & Shop School Food Pantry Program, an initiative that has since donated over $112,500 to Washington S.T.E.M.

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