1. Cat Missing for Weeks Found After They Hear Meowing

A “miracle” cat missing for five weeks was found still alive underneath a neighbor’s floorboards.

The Russian blue’s overjoyed owners believe he narrowly survived by eating spiders and bugs and licking condensation from pipes.

Arthur lost half his bodyweight while trapped in the English home, and he was only discovered when the neighbors heard distressed mewing and pulled up the floorboards.

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2. Miss England Inspires Girls to Be Rocket Scientists After Graduating With Aerospace Engineering Degree

Crowned Miss England, Jessica Gagen is on a mission to become an astronaut, and has just graduated from university with a bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering.

The 27-year-old became the first ever redhead winner of the prestigious beauty pageant last year in October and, after juggling competitions on the catwalk alongside her studies at the University of Liverpool, was delighted when she graduated alongside her classmates this week.

She now wants to use her degree and beauty queen title to inspire the next generation of female engineers and get more women into STEM subjects.

3. Dance Away Your Tears With This ‘Grief Disco Kiosk’

Moved by a desire to help people deal with grief and angst caused by COVID-19, Brexit, and the climate crisis, artist Annie Nicholson wanted to create a space where the public can shake out grief and unravel their climate angst.

Nicholson is collaborating with The Loss Project, K67 Berlin, and Street Soundsystem to realize this ambitious public art project.

The kiosk is a refurbished K67 kiosk, a modernist design gem associated with ad hoc post-Soviet spaces, chip stalls, newspaper stands, student cafes, and shelters, which evokes a legacy of European unity and collaboration.

As well as DJ sets, there’ll be meditation and yoga workshops, dance classes, and “grief raves” where clubbers can request tracks that remind them of absent or lost loved ones. It will be located in London’s Canary Wharf before eventually touring Europe and the UK.

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