1. Teen Invents Gadget to Transform Dementia Care Out of Concern for His Grandmother

A  teen who is a self-confessed ‘nerd’ who loves robotics, also loved his grandmother Jayasree dearly. Together, they led him to create a new invention that could greatly improve care for Alzheimer’s patients.

Hemesh Chadalavada was 12 years old when one summer evening in 2018, he observed his grandmother go to the kitchen to make tea for herself. When she exited the room, she had left the gas on.

It shocked Hemesh, but also drove him to convert the hours spent on YouTube learning about robotics into a solution that would help ensure accidents like this could be detected if he weren’t there—a question he found himself asking several times.


2. 100-Year-old Walks Around Garden 40,000 Times to Raise Money for Charity

A 100-year-old Second World War veteran has walked hundreds of miles around his garden to raise money for charity—but no, you didn’t stumble upon a four-year-old news story,

Lance Corporal Harold Jones laps his back garden 30 times every day no matter the weather, and has been doing so since 2020, as he was inspired by the worldwide media sensation of the late Captain Tom, who announced on social media he was doing the same thing in the early days of the pandemic in 2020.

Corporal Jones is a great-grandfather-of-six, and he started walking circuits around his bungalow during lockdown like Captain Tom, and has so far taken his walker a total of 661 miles, equating to 41,550 laps around his garden, or about the same distance as his home in Birmingham to the border of Germany.



3. Grandmother Graduates 60 Years After She Began College–and They Planned a Moving Tribute for Her

An English grandmother has finally graduated from university nearly 60 years after she first started pursuing her degree.

Calling the pursuit off after she became pregnant with her first child with her partner, whom she met in the same college, she had been one of 6 women studying animal sciences at the time.

Six decades after she left university, Angela Davidson went back to university and graduated with a Bachelor’s (honors) in Animal Sciences in December 2023.

As she walked onto the stage, a member of the university told the crowd that “today [our] class of veterinary students numbers some 200; about 80% of them are women.”

In 1960, they continued, that number was just six, “and one of those students, Angela Davidson, still waits for her degree—and today she will get it.”

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