1. Damar Hamlin visits with teammates before cheering on Bills from home

Buffalo Bills’ Damar Hamlin is spreading the love for his teammates by visiting his fellow players and cheering them on during their first playoff game while he continues to recover after going into cardiac arrest earlier this month.


2. Van Gogh, a one-eared rescue dog, paints his way into adoption

A one-eared dog named Van Gogh created such favorable impressions that he achieved his masterpiece: finding a loving forever home.

It’s a remarkable turn of events for the 7-year-old pit bull mix, who lost his left ear after being used as a bait dog in a dogfighting ring in North Carolina.

Fox News

3. Miracle Uber Ride results in driver donating kidney to passenger

Bill Sumiel needed a kidney and on the car ride to the dialysis center, he and his driver struck up a conversation about the problems Sumiel was having. By the end of the car ride, Uber driver Tim Letts, told him that “God put him in his car that day” and offered him his kidney. They ended up being a match.

One year after the surgery, Sumiel feels great and is rehabbing at the University of Delaware’s Renal Rehab center. Letts lives in Germany and is still best friends with Sumiel, the person whose life he saved.