1. A Mom’s Love Helps Woman Wake From Coma After Five Years

Jennifer Flewellen was 35 when, according to a feature on Good Morning America, she was put into a medically induced coma after crashing her car into a pole. Flewellen had just dropped her three boys off at school, but began to feel light-headed on the way home.

Placed on life-support at a large hospital, nurses were certain she would never recover, and though there are no hard or fast rules for when a person wakes up from a coma, by day 2, physicians were encouraging Flewellen’s mother, Peggy Means, to take her off life-support.

“I remember one respiratory nurse, she told me, ‘Well, you know, she’ll only get worse,’ and I told her, ‘Don’t you ever say that to me again, and never say it around my daughter,’” Means told GMA. “I’d say, ‘It’s very easy to be negative, but we have no room for negativity.’”


2. Hug Therapy Helps Premature Babies Develop as Volunteers Sit in for Moms Who Can’t Be There

In a hospital in the Argentine city of Cordoba, a wonderful and obvious initiative is giving babies a more natural environment when they are born into circumstances that are anything but.

Placed in an incubator, with mother and father absent due to work, substance abuse, incarceration, injury, or death, a team of volunteer “huggers” take 2-hour shifts holding babies in their arms to benefit their growth so they aren’t left too long in the machine.

Neither a mother nor a father needs to read the established scientific literature that holding babies speeds their neurological development, helps them gain weight, acclimatize to the world, and sleep more soundly: they would know it instinctively upon holding their newborn.



3. Couple Converts 40-Foot School Bus into Gorgeous Home for Working and Travel

Renting in cities and owning houses continues to be expensive in the United States, so this is the story of one couple who decided to ditch a sedentary life for one with more freedom and opportunities to travel.

Josh and Emily Scherrer are married in their late 20s. They both work as engineers, and it happened that in 2020 they transitioned entirely to remote work.

Originally bonding over their love of travel and shared ambition to do more of it, they took the plunge and bought a school bus in January 2021 with the intention of turning it into a mobile home. School buses are cheaper than actual mobile homes, and provided more space for the couple who each needed their own office.

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