1. Adults 70 and Older Swear by These Activities to Keep Them Younger Than Their Age – ‘Stereotypes No Longer Apply’

Three-quarters of people who reached 70 years or older agreed in a new poll that the ‘old age stereotypes’ no longer apply to today’s seniors. In fact, 72 percent of this group feel “years younger” than their actual age and are far more active than they imagined they would be.


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2. South Carolina family raises over $262K for 72-year-old Domino’s employee who fell delivering pizzas

After witnessing a Domino’s employee fall while delivering pizzas to their home earlier this month, a South Carolina family wanted to bless the hard-working woman, who was about to retire, by giving her a generous tip.

Lacey Keighron and her family decided they were going to create a GoFundMe account to give the final “tip” for 72-year-old Barbara Gillespie as much exposure as possible. 

Keighron shared the fundraiser on her Facebook page and it took off, raising over $262,000 for the delivery driver as of Thursday night.


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3. Tyler Perry made a $750,000 donation to help low-income seniors in Atlanta 

Tyler Perry is once again helping the city he has called home for decades. The filmmaker and actor is donating $750,000 to help low-income seniors in Atlanta now that property taxes have been increased. 


His $750,000 donation will help pay off back property taxes for the more than 300 low-income seniors who currently owe taxes. The donation will also fund a pilot program that will pay off the difference between current taxes and the increase for more than 100 low-income seniors.


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