1. At 96 He May Be Britain’s Oldest Worker–And He Has No Plans to Retire

Britain’s oldest worker says he still has no plans to retire at the grand age of 96, after a career spanning eight decades. Bill Parton is still clocking in five days a week at the sawmill business he founded himself 42 years ago, and he has no plans to quit working.

“You’ve got to keep your mind moving. The trick is to not stop. You can’t sit back, you’ve got to keep doing something.”

The great-grandad began working at age 14 as a plumber’s apprentice in 1942 during the World War II before going on to forge the successful family-run company.

Mr. Parton now mainly helps in the office but is no stranger to getting his hands dirty and fixing tools if required on the factory floor.


2. Hearts Melt as Truck Firm Transports Tons of Snow from North to South for Special Needs Kids to Have Fun

A Chinese commercial trucking company paid nearly $30,000 to truck thousands of pounds of snow from the frozen northern city of Harbin to a special needs school in the tropical southern metropolis of Guangzhou.

Officially, it was Beijing Truck Home Information Technology’s demonstration run of their refrigerated trucks, but for the drivers and staff who participated in the event, it was all about seeing the children’s joy.

Leaving Harbin on January 28th, the convoy drove 1,960 miles, or 3,300 kilometers, arriving at Xingzhi Children’s Growth Center on February the 1st.

The trucks then dumped out the snow and gave almost 2,000 children with autism and other impairments the chance to experience snow for the first time ever.



3. The Top 10 Best and Funniest Super Bowl Ads of 2024

Another Super Bowl, another round of specially crafted ads with big celebrities and plenty of laughs. Here’s a roundup in case you’re wondering what you missed while you got up from your seat during commercials.

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