1. FedEx Delivers 300,000 Free Christmas Trees to Military Families With Annual Trees for Troops Program


FedEx is rolling down the highway to deliver Christmas joy to military families throughout America in the annual Trees for Troops program. The freight company is delivering nearly 16,000 Christmas trees this month to families at over 90 military bases across the U.S.

Partnering with the Christmas SPIRIT Foundation, FedEx has also reached a special milestone with the program, delivering tree number 300,000 during a special celebration at Fort Liberty in North Carolina.



2. Survey Reveals Americans’ 2024 Strategies For Wellness Goals in the New Year

Want to make your annual resolutions stick? Two in five Americans believe the best strategy is to “start small,” according to a new poll.

The results showed they prefer to make long-term goals rather than short-term ones, with 42% choosing to kick off their goals gradually, rather than jumping in headfirst (18%).

Those who prefer long-term goals do so because they believe they can take their time reaching them (62%), the results are usually bigger and better (57%)—and because they think other people won’t know if they fall off track (56%).

Among the 27% who prefer short-term goals, their reasons include having had more success in reaching them (61%) and seeing results faster (59%).

The easiest goals for respondents to achieve are practicing better hygiene (62%), drinking more water (55%), taking daily vitamins and supplements (49%) and working on flexibility, such as simply being able to touch your toes (41%).



3. 10-Year-old Girl’s Idea for a ‘Postbox to Heaven’ is Rolled Out Nationally Across Cemeteries in UK

A young girl’s idea for a ‘postbox to heaven’ so she could write to her grandparents has been realized at cemeteries across the UK.

10-year-old Matilda Handy came up with the suggestion after both her grandparents died, five years apart.

Her mother, Leanne, approached the Gedling Crematorium in Nottingham last year with the idea—and they heartily responded by erecting an old post box painted white and gold just in time for Christmas.

The emotional endeavor proved so popular that they now have been rolled out across 40 sites in England, Scotland, and Wales.


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