1. Man Joked About Throwing a Walmart Christmas Party and Thousands RSVP’ed…So He Made it a Toy Drive

A New Jersey man had the rather unorthodox idea of throwing a party at the Walmart self-checkout counter. Perhaps driven by rage and cynicism, a bit of his motivation can be found in the event description on Facebook, which reads” celebrating another successful year of picking, paying, and bagging your own groceries while actual employees just stand around and check receipts.”

When he saw that 21,000 people had marked the event as ‘interested,’ he decided to turn his cynicism into goodwill. Walmart was unwilling to host the event, but creator Andrew Delgado wasn’t going to give up so easily.


2. Man Has Eaten a Frozen Mince Pie Made by his Late Mom Every Christmas for Last 21 Years

A man will once again taste one of his mother’s home-baked mince pies this Christmas—21 years after she died.

Richard Newson discovered a batch of 47 pastry treats in the bottom of his mum’s freezer following her sudden passing in December 2002.

Now, every Christmas, he defrosts one of the small pies and scoffs it down in memory of his mum Marlene.

Marlene used to bake hundreds of festive treats and dish them out to shops, businesses, and friends in Fleetwood, near Blackpool, England, for no other reason other than to spread Christmas cheer.


3. English Boy Unwraps Iron Man Prosthetic Arm–a Gift from His Nation Days Before Christmas

In India, a group of considerate young people calling themselves the “good fellows” are changing the lives of India’s senior citizens by pairing them with volunteer grandkids.

Meant to combat loneliness and help bring these elders back into society, the organization allows members of the elder’s family to nominate them as a “grandpal” in search of a “good fellow,” typically if their spouse or closest family member isn’t around anymore.

The Goodfellows was started by Shantanu Naidu, Niki Thakur, and Gargi Sandu, a trio of young Indians from Mumbai who all shared a love of hanging out with their grandparents. Today, they have a team of 65 young men and women aged between 18 and 24, and 400 grandpals signed up.

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