1. Student Nurse Had to Couch Surf for Housing–But She Just Won a $5M Home in London


A 49-year-old recently had to live with friends so she could afford to continue her studies when her rent rose. But she’s just won the keys to a stunning Chelsea townhouse worth a whopping 5 million in West London.

She’s the latest winner of a charity draw organized by Omaze—after buying a ticket for the lottery that raised 2,600,000 in the UK for the NHS (National Health Service).

Oceanne Belle’ won the 4-story home with a $10 ticket. The beautiful townhouse in the sought-after area of Kensington and Chelsea comes mortgage free, with all the tax and legal fees covered.

She studies full-time at the University of Sunderland in London, and will finish her Bachelor of Science degree in Health and Social Care in January—and she’s free to either live in the house, rent it out, or sell it and become a cash multi-millionaire.



2. Pilot Announces in a Heartwarming Reveal That Young Passenger is Now Cancer Free

Make-A-Wish Foundation is famous for giving kids moments they’ll never forget, even if their time is limited to remember them.

But a sneaky trick, played with the help of a cooperative airline pilot and passengers gave a child named Jacob an experience in every way equal to meeting Michael Jordan or John Cena.

A boy named Jacob was flying with his mother when the pilot suddenly chimed in on the intercom saying he was proud of the young man.



3. History Enthusiasts Found a Buried 15th Century Royal Palace All on Their Own

In a true underdog story, a group of “amateurs” used historical material to locate the buried remains of Collyweston Palace, owned by the grandmother of Henry VIII, Margaret Beaufort.

In the English shire of Northampton, a local historical society had been searching for the palace for 5 years, and located it with the help of ground-penetrating radar.

“We’re just a bunch of amateurs really, with no money, no plans, just a lot of enthusiasm and against all the odds we have unearthed this,” Chris Close, a member of the Collyweston Historical and Preservation Society, or “CHAPS” for short.


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