1. Americans Vote For Their Top 10 Favorite On-Screen TV Families

In a surprising poll commissioned by Plex and conducted by OnePoll, America’s favorite on-screen family was crowned: the Addams family. But who are the top-voted on-screen best friends? And what intriguing connections do they share? Find out as the survey unveils its captivating results…

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2. Man Helps Barbers Fill Their Shops with Books to Help Kids Find Excitement in Reading

In the Bronx, a first-grade teacher, Alvin Irby, found himself in a barbershop getting a trim. Little did he know that a chance encounter with one of his students would lead to a life-changing idea. As the student grew antsy, Alvin saw an opportunity to make a difference. Fast forward five years, and Alvin’s initiative, Barbershop Books, has spread across the nation, filling numerous barbershops with free books. But what’s the real impact of this project? How has it transformed childhood literacy? Discover the inspiring journey and the incredible results that have touched the lives of thousands…

3. Woman Brings to Life Fashion Sketches Made By Her Grandma After 80 Years on Paper

A heartwarming TikTok video took the internet by storm, giving viewers a glimpse of a special bond between a young woman and her grandmother. The video showcased Julia, known as @boringbb on TikTok, who has a deep passion for fashion. She stumbled upon her grandmother’s fashion sketches, dated over six decades ago, and felt an instant connection to them.

Driven by inspiration, Julia embarked on a remarkable journey to bring those sketches to life. She took it upon herself to learn the art of sewing, turning to YouTube tutorials to master various techniques. With sheer determination and creativity, she began thrift shopping and experimenting with different items until she could replicate the essence of her grandmother’s designs.

But that’s just the beginning of this touching tale. What will Julia create next? How will her grandmother react to seeing the sketches brought to life after all these years? The world eagerly awaits the next chapter in this heartwarming story of love, creativity, and legacy. Stay tuned for more captivating updates!

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