1. A 5-Year-Old’s Lemonade Stand Raised Over $17,000 for Victims of Maui Wildfires

This young boy in Seattle is showing that there’s no barrier to entry for disaster relief; that all it takes is a willing heart, a hot summer day, and some ice-cold lemonade.

Having recently returned from a family vacation on the Big Island, Ami Juel and her husband were watching the devastation of the Lahaina fires on television when their son, Edison, asked them to turn it off because it was too sad.

They didn’t realize the 5-year-old could become so emotionally connected to an abstraction so far away and seen only on television, so they decided to take the time to make a life lesson out of it and explain what had happened to the famous Maui town.

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2. Airline Pilot Reunites 9-Year-Old with Her Beloved Doll Lost Half a World Away

From Texas comes the story of a girl named Beatrice who was taken to meet the captain on a flight home from Tokyo.

Beatrice is an American Girl Doll, and her flight home would see her reunited with her loving owner, 9-year-old Valentina Dominguez who was left devastated after losing the doll on a similar trip a month before.


3. I Celebrated My 90th Birthday by Jumping Out of a Plane at 12,000 Feet

10 years ago, east London resident Hilary Oxley was preparing to turn 80 years old, and her family got the outrageous idea of buying the octagenarian a ticket to go skydiving. Grandmother Oxley had a blast, but this July it was once again time to think of something to get her as she neared the ninth decade of life.

Figuring it went alright before, her two granddaughters decided to run it back—and challenge their evergreen granny to take the plunge a second time.

“You only live once,” she said after the skydive. “The experience is lovely—sometimes when I go shopping I’m more nervous doing that.”


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