1. 65-Year-old Paddles Into Record Books With Epic 6800-mi Solo Kayak Quest–From Tip of Canada to Florida and Back

After 268 days in his kayak, a 65-year-old has completed his epic ‘Reverse the Bad’ expedition, becoming the first person to solo kayak the Greater Loop across Canada and the United States.

The journey of almost 6,800 miles (11,000km) required Mark Fuhrmann to paddle for 1,643 hours—which is the equivalent of paddling 68 days straight without stopping.


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2. Watch the Magic When NFL Icon Leonard Fournette Dotes on Kids With Disabilities at Camp

Leonard Fournette may be a Super Bowl champion on the football field, but last week he was a super HERO for kids at a special summer camp, where he stole the hearts of campers and staff.

“This is the greatest thing I’ve done thus far,” said the former Tampa Bay Buccaneer running back.



3. A New Study Finds that Performing Acts of Kindness Improves Mental Health Symptoms

Humans are hardwired to feel good when performing acts of kindness towards others, an imperative trait in any animal that evolves to live and hunt in social groups.

This is such a truism that performing random acts of kindness for other people was more effective in reducing symptoms of depression than specifically planning activities for the sake of enjoyment, a new study found.

The study sought to test methods of cognitive behavioral therapy, a non-pharmaceutical treatment for depression and anxiety that’s proven to work through confronting patterns of thought and behavior that lead to depressive or anxious thoughts, and consciously moving away from them by retraining one’s brain.




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