It’s hard to believe that it is already January 26th. Throughout the month, we’ve shared posts about things we find inspiring and impactful as we begin a New Year in a complex world.  

It can be difficult to feel hopeful about renewal when everything seems uncertain and tumultuous. 

But true renewal starts within.  It doesn’t work if we base our renewal on what is happening outside of ourselves.  The Evening News will not bring us closer to clarity in our lives. Your relationships cannot bring about renewal.  Only you can.

However, on the flip side, you cannot change the world around you without your personal renewal and review of who you want to be.  And the world always changes person to person.

So, as we close out the month and look forward to February, the month of love, I want you to join me in doing a mental inventory of what we are bringing into the New Year.

Attitude:  As you awake in the morning, take a quiet moment to affirm your attitude to your personal relationships and the circumstances you face in your daily life. The choices you make about your attitude can mean the difference between living a life filled with gratitude, love, forgiveness, and humility versus a life that is reactive to the negativity that is everywhere these days. Remind… Share on X

Inspiration: what has inspired you and moved you towards the possibility in life? Think about the people who always make you feel safe, loved, and accepted.  Are you prioritizing those relationships?  As you reflect on what inspires you, remember that just as a garden needs to be weeded from time to time to grow, our lives are the same.  

Intentions:  Setting your intention is closely tied to choosing your attitude.  What kind of life do you intend to live?  What legacy do you want to create? What moves you?  How will you nurture your relationships? How do you intend to spend your time? Are your choices moving you toward the life you want? How will you bring more love and kindness to your home, neighborhood, community, and world?  

The truth is, it’s hard to see how your small acts of love contribute to a larger collective.  But take it from someone who knows.  I’m just a girl who decided to share her grief and gratitude on the internet. It started as my way of healing.  I had no idea how it would grow, how many people I would meet, and how much love we could create by supporting each other.  And, to add to that, I did most of that initial work in my pajamas.  I wrote to people from my darkness, and you responded from yours.  And together, we rediscovered the light that still is all around us.

Life happens one choice at a time.  So, as we all complete this mental inventory, I will quote the wise words of my mother and so many other Moms around the world. 

Make Good Choices. 

With Love and Gratitude,