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Hello friends,

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit the page.  I want to start by saying how sorry I am to not be there in person this year.  My husband had unexpected surgery, and I needed to be here with him as he heals. Thankfully, with technology as it is these days, I am still able to share the content that I had intended to deliver to you. I will miss not being able to sit in person and chat with you, but please feel free to connect with me via the social media links at the bottom of this page or via email at [email protected]

Below you will find three videos, some printables that you can download, and some links to my books and other products.

Sending love and wishes for an abundance of “one little things” to surround you as you remember your precious child,



The Gift of Gratitude

The Gift of Gratitude from Kelly Buckley on Vimeo.


The Roots of Resilience-Finding Your Strength, Seeing the Beauty

Originally shscheduled workshop presentation.  Downloadable printable attachments below.

Guided Affirmation-New Beginnings

I wanted to share one of the guided affirmations that I use with my private Facebook women’s group, Strong Wise Women.  I use affirmations daily to direct my thoughts to a more productive and positive place.  Have a look, and if you would like to request free access to the private Facebook group, visit the Facebook page.

The Roots of Resilience-Finding Your Strength, Seeing the Beauty from Kelly Buckley on Vimeo.

New Beginnings…A Guided Affirmation for Women from Kelly Buckley on Vimeo.








Gratitude and Resilience Guide (Download)






Affirmations-Beginnings (Download)





Affirm your Strength (Download)





Gratitude Exercises (Download)


I hope you found the content helpful.  I am so incredibly thankful to be able to work with so many people as they journey through loss, and watch them discover light in their lives again.

Below is a link to just a few of my products.  If you are interested, you can order from below, or click on the link at the top of the page to visit the store and view all the items in the store.  As a special thank you, I will ship all orders to you for FREE.

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You will also see that I am now accepting pre-orders for my upcoming journal, “The Path.  A Journal From Pain to Purpose.”  This guided journal has been a labor of love for me for a few years now.  I wanted to create something that would help people like us through the dark days of loss.  The best way to explain it is to share the quote from the back cover:

The depth of your grief shows you the depth of your love for what is lost.

Allow yourself to shed the tears, to feel the pain and sit with the emotions.

The trials of your life will teach you.

Writing through your grief allows you to record a sacred remembrance, to capture the wisdom you are presented with in loss,

and to begin to write the next chapter of your story.

It may not be the story you thought you would live, but it can still be beautiful.

~Kelly S. Buckley~


The journal will be released in late September.  Pre-orders will be shipped on release day. Orders received before August 31st will receive a bonus FREE invitation to participate in my accompanying journaling course.  The online course will include live sessions, video, worksheets and much more as I walk you through writing through your loss.  (Value-$49.99)


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