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If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.

~Fred Devito~

Okay, 85 days left in our 100 day challenge.  And, I am learning so much.

We are still super committed to the 100 day challenge, but let’s just say we have made peace with the fact that we may not enjoy every moment. In fact, my husband and I have both responded to the “How was the workout?” question with a shrug, an eye roll, and a tired answer of,

“It’s done.  That’s all I’ve got today.”

We knew it wasn’t going to be all sunshine and roses.  Nobody said it would be easy.

And that is what I’m learning.  It’s not supposed to be. Change happens in an environment of friction.  It’s funny how I seem to have to learn that lesson over and over, in different circumstances in my life.

Life is funny.  For whatever reason, we have been convinced ourselves that things should be easy.  No matter how many time life proves that theory to be incorrect, we continue to believe that everything should be able to be resolved in the same way they so expertly do it in a 30 minute sitcom. But life takes work.  Life takes effort.  It requires you to show up and to really feel.

And so I am showing up.  I am applying what I learned about living a life of gratitude and resilience to sweating off the cellulite.  And once again, I am reminded that it is all about your commitment to change and your attitude.

Exercise: Pushing through the workouts.  Some days it is easy, and on others, the only word that describes it is slog.  Is that a word? But each day, we do it.  I walk my 10,000 steps, I crunch my abs, I burn the allocated calories to ensure a deficit that will allow weight loss.  And I remind myself of the bigger picture.  I find early day workouts are better for me. Somedays I feel good from beginning to end, somedays I feel good only at the end, and somedays I slog.  But each day, we do.  And that is what counts.

Eating: We are doing well.  Portion sizes shrinking, still staying away from refined carbohydrates.  We stayed away from the Easter chocolate, did have a piece of the sugar-free version as a treat.  We are trying new recipes, and feeling good about the menu these days. I am learning, as we go along, about my relationship with food as a comfort for difficult emotions.

Emotions: As I said, I have labeled 2012 as the “Year of Ready.”  I am ready to make the changes, to turn the corner.  I feel emotionally strong enough to take the next step in my life. But the year of ready does not happen without applying yourself.  So, each day, I:

  • Review my goals.  I remind myself of what I want to accomplish.  I keep track of the days, so I can see that 100 days is not that long, so I had better stay committed. It is a struggle for me sometimes, the balance between living in the moment and looking out over the horizon.  I am working on it.
  • Listen to positive affirmations.  When I first started to listen to positive affirmations, I felt like I was in an episode of Saturday Night Live’s Stuart Smalley. But each time gets better, and serves as a reminder that the self talk does not need to be negative.
  • Meditate.  Empty my mind, and just be.  Okay, I’m trying, but did I mention the file folders in my brain?  Quieting my mind is not an easy task.  but I am working on it.  Pema Chodron’s iTunes collection really helps me.  And I will be honest.  A couple of my attempts at meditation did turn into the most wonderful naps.  I think that is okay too.

The results?  The scale is moving in the right direction, the measurements are confirming progress.  And I am feeling good about challenging myself to become a healthier version of me.

Okay, off to exercise…

I think I can, I think I can…