Energy and persistence conquer all things.

~Benjamin Franklin~

77 days left, means 23 days in.  According to Stephen Covey, it takes about 21 days to make a habit.  So, if that is the truth, we should be well on the way towards a healthy life that comes more naturally.

I have to say, the journey so far has been pretty good.  I like the countdown, and it is keeping me focused.

I am getting to know myself, and realizing that numbers and measurements are important tools for me when it comes to gauging success. The scale, the measuring tape, the calendar, the number of steps I take each day, and my caloric balance are all things I am watching closely.  They all push me forward, giving me feedback that I am in fact doing it.  I am sticking with it.  But they also have the ability to taunt me, to mock me, to tell me this will never work.  So, I need to watch the numbers, but not live by them.  I need to balance the data with how I FEEL, how my pants fit, and how proud I am for keeping the promise to myself.

Some days, the measurements don’t tell the story fo your effort.  You want them to, they really should, but they don’t.  You eat carrot sticks, and the scale implies you eat doughnuts.  I guess the key is not to let it derail you, to keep going on your path towards health.

Here’s the update:

Eating:  We have added some carbohydrates back into our meal plan..nothing too crazy, just things like a baked potato or brown rice.  Still no refined sugar…..and I could not be happier.  The cravings for it are gone, and let me just say it is about time.

Exercise:  Let me count the steps.  I have been walking a lot. I try to get in at least 10,000 steps a day, and that usually gets me to my calorie burn as well.  I have also continued with the Tracey Anderson workout.  I have not reached the point of graceful yet, but I  get it done.  My right foot has been giving me some issues, I think from the increased activity and the movement of my foot.  I have new sneakers that seem to be more supportive, so hopefully, that will do the trick.  I am finding it easier to make the workout part of my day.  In fact, I am starting to look forward to it.

Emotions:  It is funny, but the emotions are what are changing the most in this little 100 day challenge.  I am learning a lot about myself and my coping mechanisms.  I am learning that in all the words I wrote to heal my broken heart, I had certain foods and behaviours as my companion; I could even say crutch.  They kept me safe as I dealt with the devastation of my life.  You could take away a lot from me, but the toasted coconut ice cream still remained.  Many days, it was my one little thing.  A quick and easy fix, confirmation that there was goodness in the world, and it was frozen and placed in a waffle cone before me.  So, now, with my heart somewhat mended, I am strong enough to release those things from my life and replace them with other things like exercise, and stepping back into the world.  I have lived a life of mostly solitary reflection, and my feelings about my physical size allowed me to do that.  It has allowed me to keep my distance.  But no more.  This is the Year of Ready. I don’t beat myself up for this past behaviour. It is what it is….it worked for me at the time, when I had no excess emotional strength to deal with one more issue in my life.  But it doesn’t fit anymore, which is kind of what I hope to say about my pants real soon.

So, where does day 77 find me?  A little stiff and sore, a few inches smaller and a few pounds lighter.  But most importantly, it finds me happy, knowing that the true measure that counts in my success is how I feel.

If you are doing your own 100 day challenge, I would love to hear from you.  Drop me a line.

Hope you are having a tremendous Tuesday JOLT’ers…