Strong Wise Women

Strong Wise Women


“A community of inspiring women building strength, hope and positivity within one another.”


What is Strong Wise Women?

The development of Strong Wise Women was the inspiration of Kelly Buckley, who after losing her beautiful son Stephen unexpectedly in 2009, bravely chose a path of gratitude to help her survive. Following the publication of two books and the creation of the Just One Little Thing (JOLT) Movement with over 125,000 followers, Kelly found herself having personal conversations with thousands of women worldwide who reached out as they faced life-altering situations. Those deeply honest and meaningful exchanges demonstrated to Kelly the true power of empathy, support and dialogue, while also highlighting the common challenges women face no matter where they are. Through the voices of these women, Kelly was motivated to create a safe space; a private community for women to build strength, hope and positivity within one another…and that community is Strong Wise Women.

What is included in a Strong Wise Women membership?

Members will have access to a private, login community with the following areas of interaction:
Coursework, such as the online resilience retreat, monthly mini-courses focused on purpose, positive thinking and work sheets.
Our Friendship Forum where you can initiate your own topics daily, participate in conversations and share thoughts and insight based on your own experiences.
My Journal will provide your own space to reflect and write. Get guidance and writing prompts from Kelly and watch your growth and progress with every entry.
The Studio will involve all things creative including sharing your own music, creative writing, artwork and photography.
Inspiration and Motivation will give you a robust library of affirmations, inspirational quotes, videos and featured profiles called Women of Wonder.
Our Private FaceBook Group for members only will keep you in touch with all the upcoming events, provide another area to meet new friends and prompt discussion and ideas for future courses and content.
Wisdom Webinars will focus on a specific monthly learning theme where members can ask questions, discuss topics, provide insights and set goals for personal development.

For more information, and to sign-up for a membership click here.