Jolt Movement

Dear Friend,

Launched on July 4th, 2011, [purple]Just One Little Thing[/purple] was created to help others find at least one little thing each day to be thankful for, no matter what your life circumstances.

The idea of “just one little thing” gently grew following the unexpected death of my son Stephen on July 4th, 2009. In desperate need of something to hold onto following the loss, I told myself that if I could find just one little thing to be thankful for, I would make it through the day. With each passing day, I was able to see that even though my heart was breaking, much goodness still surrounded me.

By writing about my experience, I was lucky enough to connect with thousands of other people who were looking, as I was, for a positive way to shift their perspective on life, even in the toughest of circumstances. Some had lost loved ones; some endured a painful divorce, or debilitating illness.

So many I connected with had lost jobs, homes and stability. We all have our stories of pain, and we all just need something to hang on to, to let us know tomorrow may be a better day.

Two years later, we launched a community based on finding and giving one little thing. I see this place as Stephen’s legacy. He was happy moment by moment, and brought joy to others with his gentle spirit, and his giving heart. After he died, so many people said to me,

“He just knew what people needed, and then went to work giving it to them.”

With that in mind, I’ve created a group so that the ripple of his life’s impact may continue. It is my hope that we can all, on a daily basis, figure out what people need, and get to work giving it to them.

Since the launch, the group has grown to be truly a global community of gratitude and resilience. With over 45 different countries speaking over 35 different languages, JOLT’ers from all over the world are connecting daily and having a conversation about life, discovering that we are all more alike than different.

The group is about life, sharing gratitude, compassion and resilience.
[purple_bg]The purpose of the group is to:[/purple_bg]

  1. Encourage members to share one little thing each day they are thankful for, simple or grand.
  2. To spread positive news happening around the world.
  3. To share opportunities for volunteering, giving one little thing to someone else who may need it.
  4. Give people a safe forum to share information, re-framing people’s perspective on life.

Through my own sharing with you all, I have realized that each one of us has a book within us, a story of hurt, courage and resilience. We are all both students and teachers.

As you can see, it’s all about the good stuff. Happiness happens moment by moment, as does change. It is my hope that this group can build into something beautiful.

Join us…